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Molly Jean McElroy

Founder & President


Working with individuals with mental health struggles has been a passion of mine for many years. After having my own battles with an eating disorder, depression, trauma, and anxiety; I wanted to find a way to show people that no matter what happens in life, there is always a reason to smile. For these reasons, I started a campaign called Beautiful Me.


I graduated college in 2017 with an Equine Facilitated Therapy degree and practiced equine therapy for two years after graduating from college. During college I was an intern at a domestic violence and sexual assault center where I was able to work with victims and aid them in their recovery and the re-growing process. I was also an on-call advocate for them, where I took calls giving advice to women and providing safety for them. I was the captain of my colleges IHSA equestrian team and a member of EFT club. 


I worked as a hotline counselor in Delaware taking calls from women who where actively trying to leave Domestic Violence while working on my Masters degree. 


I received my MSW from Sacred Heart University and currently working at Courageous Hearts in Delaware helping those who struggle with an Eating Disorder incorporating horses and dogs into my practice. 


I have spoken at multiple colleges,  high schools, elementary school, youth groups, and more.  I have such a passion for telling my story and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Pat Bonner McElroy 

Co-Founder and  Small Business owner

Pat is Molly’s Mom. Helping people find the light inside of them has been a passion of mine since I was a young person. Sometimes life can throw us challenges and God has put this strength inside us that can help us get through them but, we need to find that strength. We are all born with a light that the world needs and all my life I have tried to help people find theirs…and to be proud of who they are and the gift they can give to our world …we are all beautiful ….


I started my career in education trying to help young women find their talent, develop it through education and share it with the world. I then went into business trying to help employees become the best they can be in the work setting through employee assistance programs and training and development. I then focused on Human Resources policy and procedures and helped small business develop their dreams to create solid business structures and focus on the team. My line is "it is all in the hire"


Today I work with my brother in building and running an awesome towing and automotive shop in Parkville/Carney Maryland.


I am proud graduate of The Catholic High, Notre Dame University Graduate in Psychology, Graduate Certificate from Loyola University in Employee Counseling and later a Masters from Johns Hopkins University in Human Resources and Organization Development.


My focus in life is to help others be the best they can be….

Annemarie Bonner 

Student & Social Media Monitor 


Annemarie is Molly’s cousin, but they’re basically sisters. Annemarie grew up at a crucial time in Molly’s life when she was suffering from an eating disorder. At the young age of 9 or 10, she witnessed one of her closest relatives suffering, not often out loud. As she grew older, Annemarie began to struggle with anxiety in various forms and has learned through personal experience what recovery at any capacity means, whether that is from an eating disorder or social anxiety. Currently, Annemarie is a student at Elon University, working on earning a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. Annemarie loves the beach, sports, and journaling to keep her mind healthy.

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